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Valuable Facts About Moroccan Bath Treatment

Have you ever been somewhere and gone right past the entrance before realizing what to do next? In my instance, I went to a local hammam in Morocco for the first time. My thoughts were filled with several doubts, including: What should I wear? What exactly was a hammam treatment? Do I need soap, a scrub brush, or a towel?

However, I must admit that all together, it was a “truly” really pleasant & peaceful experience that relieved some of my stress. Let’s talk about what a hammam is in reality. And what sets this Moroccan bathing experience apart from others?

What Is Hammam?

You can anticipate being steamed, drenched, cleaned, and coming out spotless in a hammam. Moroccans, however, view hammam baths as social gatherings.

However, if you go to a local hammam in Morocco, you can watch men converse while getting clean and occasionally offer to wash each other’s backs. However, if you want to participate in this back-scrubbing conversation, learn a little Arabic first. Women want to bring their children along since the children can play while they unwind or occasionally wash each other’s hair in a social setting. It’s important to keep in mind that there are typically two types of hammams in Morocco: local hammams and tourist hammams.

How things will happen in a Moroccan Bath

Step 1: Taking Off Your Clothes?

Although it’s entirely up to you, most ladies prefer to wear underwear or bikini bottoms. Men typically choose their underwear or bottoms but having undressed, you should put on your robe and head to meet your hammam attendant.

Step 2: Let the steam out.

Your robe will then be taken by the next attendant, who will lead you into a steam room where you can simply sit back and unwind while the steam opens your skin’s pores.

Step 3: wash up.

The attendant will ask you to stand up, sit down, and turn around after five minutes so they may wash your face, back, legs, and feet. After gently massaging the soap into your skin, take another five minutes to unwind.

Step 4: Warm rinsing.

As you realize this water is shockingly hot, the attendant will return with a bucket full of water and scoop the water out to rinse off your soap. You won’t burn yourself, though.

Step 5: Scrub Brutally.

Through a rough, sandpaper-like hammam glove, the attendant will scrape off the top layer of dead skin from your body. It might be a difficult procedure, so don’t be afraid to ask for time to rest.

Step 6: Wash your hair.

A hair wash is a part of several opulent Moroccan hammam treatments. Simply recline and take in the gentle hair-washing experience.

Step 7: Sip tea and unwind.

Put your robe back on after all the buffing and scrubbing, then head to the relaxation area for a cup of Moroccan tea to unwind.

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