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The Complete Guide to Getting Gelish Manicures

Nail art has evolved from a simple fashion statement to a means of self-expression. Recently, it has shifted from being exclusively feminine to being more gender inclusive. Therefore, getting your nails painted correctly should be your main priority whether you want to go gothic, stylish, classic, or glam. The ease with which the color fades, though, relentlessly bothers one. The simple act of performing your menial everyday tasks can damage your manicured nails’ durability. You don’t need to worry about that one, though. In this blog, we’ll explain how Gelish Manicures have become quite the rage in the beauty and lifestyle industries for solving this problem.

Everything you got to know about getting gelish manicures

The majority of people who swear by gelish manicures are women who balance work and housework. Because it is equally rapid and long-lasting as vehicle paint, that is. You did read that correctly. Women adore Gelish Manicures, according to Home Salon Services in Dubai, since they last through their hectic and annoying activities like washing dishes, laundry, cleaning, scrubbing, or even just reaching in their bag for the phone. A beautiful, chip-free paint job that lasts for more than two weeks is guaranteed by Gelish Manicure.

What is the process of a gel manicure routine?

Cut your nails first, then lightly soak your hands, trim your cuticles, and finish with a thorough cleansing. The polishing component is special. To prepare your nails for the gel, you must apply a base coat layer. It is a unique polish that dries faster under UV light than it does when cured by air. Your hand is exposed to UV light for 30 seconds following the application of each coat. A glossy top coat is then added and dried under UV light. Gel manicures leave your nails feeling stronger, looking shinier, and the result lasting a long time, regardless of your nail length—long, short, or if you just want the tips bonded on first.

How long do gel manicures last?

A gel manicure typically lasts for two to three weeks. However, how you maintain your hands after getting a gel manicure will affect how long it lasts. Dermatologists say it is alright if the gel remains intact for more than two weeks without chipping. To keep the nail strong and healthy, one should take a break or wait a few days between manicure appointments.

How much do gel manicures cost?

A gel manicure often costs $5 to $10 more per session than a conventional manicure. Since removing the polish manicure is a task in and of itself, some salons further charge for this service. On the other hand, some may offer to do it for free with your subsequent $20 manicure.

How to remove a gel manicure?

Beware: We require your perseverance and patience.

A gel manicure must be removed carefully and completely without picking. So, here’s how to take off a gel manicure, whether you want to DIY it at home or have the gel removed at a salon:

First, use a cotton ball soaked in acetone to wipe all of your nails clean. Then, to keep the cotton in place, wrap a piece of aluminum foil over each finger. Give it at least ten to fifteen minutes to settle. Without filing or scraping, the polish will just slide off the nails. You can gently remove stubborn paint areas with a wooden stick.

Do gel manicures damage nails?

One of the most pervasive misconceptions about gel manicures is that they harm nails. It turns out that the method of gel polish removal can harm your nails. People frequently file or buff the nailbed in a rush to remove the gel, which frequently results in cracks and a harsh nail texture. People frequently do this because they cover up gels with additional gel or polish.

You must never remove or pick the finish off, not even when doing DIY at home. It could impair all of your future manicures in addition to harming your nails at the time. The layers of the nail are peeled when the gel is removed or picked off, making it more difficult to apply the gel and perform subsequent manicures. To keep the region moist and healthy in between treatments, apply cuticle oils. This safeguards the skin around your nails as well as the nailbed.

Is UV light used in the gel manicure routine harmful?

The application of UV light during the gel manicure procedure is criticized the most. Repeated exposure to UV light can hasten the aging process and increase the risk of skin cancer. It turns out that this is true, though. Compared to UV radiation from exposure to the sun, the UV light utilized in the gel manicure treatment is stronger. Therefore, you must apply an efficient sunscreen or sunblock to your hands before your gel manicure appointment.

Therefore, if done correctly and, more significantly, by the proper hands, you can show off your gel manicured nails for days on end.

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