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Three Main Foot Pressure Point Massages

It Began with Chinese Medicine

Few things feel as nice as a massage, and few massage types feel better than a foot massage! A growing collection of medical research and some traditional practices even imply that massaging particular pressure points on your foot can treat illnesses that affect whole different sections of your body.

Reflexology is the idea that applying pressure to specific locations on your feet helps treat problems elsewhere. It has its roots in conventional Chinese medicine. According to Denis Merkas, an acupuncturist and massage therapist who founded Melt: Massage for Couples with his wife, Emma, “the notion is that energy, termed ‘chi,’ runs through the body via certain paths or meridians.” “Chi blockages are typically discussed when there is a problem in the body,” the speaker said.

Does Science Back it up?

Reflexology’s scientific basis is still unknown, although a substantial body of studies demonstrates that it is successful at relieving and managing pain. Reflexology proved helpful in reducing pain and promoting relaxation in people with chronic pain, according to a 2014 audit trusted Source by British physiotherapists. Studies Additionally, according to a reliable source, foot massages can lessen post-breast surgery pain.

Reflexology can lessen anxiety in people who are going to undergo medical tests or hospitalization, according to additional studies.

Foot Massage for Anxiety

The steps Merkas recommends for a foot massage to reduce anxiety are as follows:

  • Indent your toes. Just below the ball of your foot, you ought to observe a little hollow.
  • Put your thumb pad on this depression.
  • With your other hand, grasp the top of your foot.
  • In gentle circles, massage the region.
  • Alternately, keep the area firmly in place while applying pressure.

Foot Massage for Low Back Pain

According to one study, reflexology was more effective at relieving low back pain than lower back massage alone.

Focus your foot massage on the arches if you want to give your back a back massage with reflexology. Then, proceed as follows:

  • Pay attention to your arches’ pressure spots. Merkas advises lubrication with a few drops of oil or lotion.
  • Alternately move your thumbs in a series of quick strokes from the heel to the toes.

As a cat builds its bed, you may also “cat stroll” along the arch by pressing in with your thumbs, adds Merkas.

Foot Massage for General Pain

The thin tissue that covers your muscles, bones, and internal organs are the focus of myofascial release treatment. According to the Mayo Clinic, these tissues’ discomfort is caused by difficult-to-localize trigger points.

All of my clients are encouraged to engage in self-care, says Body Ease Therapy’s owner, Rachel Gottesman, OTR/L. “I employ myofascial release therapy, which relieves limitations by applying mild, persistent pressure to those areas.” Myofascial tissues can be visualized as a three-dimensional, interconnected web, according to Gottesman. Your feet are an example of a tight area that can cause the web to become dislocated in other areas.

Use these steps to conduct myofascial release:

  • Lie down on a sofa or a comfortable chair.
  • Put a tennis or golf ball directly beneath your foot on the ground.
  • Your foot should be used to roll the ball around until you locate a pressure point or sensitive area.
  • Just enough foot pressure will cause the point to soften.
  • For 3 to 5 minutes, hold.

Continued rolling of the ball prevents the pressure from being applied deeply enough.

The Takeaway

There is growing research that suggests massaging the pressure points on your feet may have health benefits. And regardless of what science says, it feels great! Enjoy discovering your pressure spots and discovering the pressure angles and levels that work best for you.

Patients with diabetes should seek medical advice before receiving a massage since pressure may exacerbate diabetic nerve damage.

Our feet take a hammering, that much is certain, and a deep massage can help you forget about other aches and pains since it will make your feet feel so amazing.

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